Chocolate Cooling Tunnel
G-CT Chocolate Cooling Tunnel
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G-CT Çikolata Soğutma Tüneli 3

  • A tunnel designed for cooling products coming out of the chocolate coating machine.
  • Water or air cooling, production in desired length according to product properties.
  • Insulated lids of the tunnel are designed to be opened in both directions to allow cleaning of band and ventilating the tunnel.
  • Band brushing and washing system can be provided for products with jelly. (optional)
  • Automatic band tension system that increases band life and electronically controlled pneumatic band centering system that prevents sliding of the band to left and right at tunnel entry and exit are available.
  • Specially designed circulation fan.
  • Automatic band tension system that increases band life.
  • Temperature of the tunnel can be adjusted within range of 5 – 10 degrees.
  • High-quality heat insulation and energy saving.

G-CT Çikolata
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